CentralTrak, UT Dallas / american residency

Laureates of the 2015 American Residencies program of the Institut Français, we are invited to CentralTrak, the University of Texas at Dallas Artists Residency, in November and December 2015!

Our residency project and totaly new project is called: “What it rising”
It is an installation project based on the earthquake idea, extended to tsunami, accident, radical transformation of a place, an environment. The earthquake, transcribed on paper reels and as graphs, will be used as an element of sound and sensory composition. It will consist of employing seismographs, these measuring devices used to record tectonic plates motions. Like a score, the drawings will be triggers, components of a sound creation and will lead to electroacoustic recordings made on the territory of the residency itself.

All of this composition will be linked and structured by a narration, a voice-over telling a story, various characters and a storyline. The scenario will take place in the heart of the state of Texas, which recorded an incredible number of earthquakes, in recent years, caused by intensive extraction of shale gas.

During these two months, we’ll be hosted by CentralTrak, a space in Dallas which provides space for eight artists to live, work and exhibit, and serves as a community center for broad intellectual discourse around the arts.


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