MyFlag is a visual anthropology interpetation about self-representation’s issue. How to resume the individual complexity in a single sign ? Piracy offers numerous examples in regard of the Jolly Roger (dead head pirate flag) variation designed with symbols related to the pirate embodied by the pavilion.

In regard of the self-representation’s spaces proliferation like MySpace, it is interesting to flashback on those pavilions hanging under the sees in a sign of claimed and assumed freedom.

MyFlag, social networking and dialogic reappropiation by Lilith Knup

Following generations are extracted from programming generators. They randomly combine drawings made by Art-Act.

To make new generations, click on the “space” key.



We had to find the right moment and place to activate these generators. As we were wandering in the city of Pau (south-west of France) and during the Great Race Car, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to insert our posters. Indeed, for two consecituve weeks, the city was totaly transformed. There were several automobile races, WTCC, WRC, vintage cars race, fast cars growling all the day, roaring, farting exhaust fumes. This period was amazing, not because of the these races but more in reason of thepublic spaces restrictions, privatisations and barricades.

The town council, first complice, didn’t hesitate to restrict access and lock several spaces, unless you buy a ticket. Besides the exorbitant costs of these passes, it seems unacceptable to block the streets, pavements and force the pedestrians to walk on the streets with cars, to forbidd the access to the public places and see security guards and policemensetting shackles and padlocks on the fences.

The citizens have to bear the noises and all restrictions of circulation, pollution, night nuisances and all others annoyances withouy any compensation. The political speech will give a wide bunch of arguments and will defuse our position, saying that such events are bargains for the city, opportunities to let the city exist outside its own area, positive effects being notable for the restaurants, hostels, shops and so on…

We all know the discourse of powers, enough to understand its mechanisms. But the reality of the ground and the violence are telling us the opposite. The city of Pau, each year becomes a camp with its authorized and non-authorized spaces, a zone of wich the handling gets away from the view and the daily environment. The violence is moreover obvious because the show is only available to those enough wealthy. As we’re living a chaotic period, economically and socially,this feeling of exclusion increases. The public space is selled off and divided into several small parts. It’s in this particular context that Art-Act decided to step in. MyFlag asks the identity and self-representation notion, MyFlag invites us to reappapropriate the spaces playing between this paradox : public/private, virtual/real… Then, let’s do!

The poster campaign we did included about fifteen posters and we pasted them on fences, walls and other strategic places. Each poster is about 1,50 meters and 3,50 meters tall. Some of them were 4,50 meters high and have been unrolled from bridges just near stables.

Others were placed on pools, builded with gym mats.

Here are some pictures of these brief actions.

Our objective didn’t deals specifically with billsticking. We don’t want to be permanent and let permanent traces in the public space. We want – certainly was it something minor in comparison of the whole territory – to put in evidence and with irony, the absurdity of a such territorialization. Anyway, if decision-makers consider normal to privatize the circulations flows of the city, then the passerby has the right to reaffirm his territory.