Mixed-media installation, Replicate is a shooter videogame wich uses the hunting or war codes.
Replicate is the antithesis of traditional videogame, whose goal is to win the game” by eliminating the living creatures that appear on screen. The actor-spectator is invited to target and shoot a fawn vulture hovering in a beautiful landscape. But when the target is hit, the vulturetan does not disappear It duplicates… To infinity, until the screen is plenty filled and recovered by the mass of birds

The object of this game – if there is one – is to saturate the entire visual space, the entire screen. But it is predominately a reflection on the endangered species and their “ecological management” coupled with a critical reflection on the videogame. This is a simple and ironic approach to the idea of balance, equilibrium. The less birds there are, the more the landscape remains visible but the targets remain difficult to achieve. More there are birds, more theyr are easy to achieve in the game, then more they grow and take up space.